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Walco Systems offers three lines of friction feeders. For limited size applications, the F110E feeder is a great choice. For an outstanding value for capacity, choose the VF Series Vacuum Friction Feeders. The SL Series is capable of feeding some of the most difficult products generally thought impossible to singulate.

SL Series

SL204 Autoloading Shingle Feeder

The SL204 feeder was created to feed the most difficult to feed products. From 1 mil poly bags to stuffed envelopes and everything in between, this feeder can handle anything. Patent pending separator geometry allows the SL204 to delicately and accurately separate products once considered impossible on a friction feeder. A generous loading section frees up operators to tend to other areas without worry.


Material Size: Min. 3"W x 4"L - Max 19.5"W x 28"L
Material Thickness: 3/4" Max (In Standard Configuration)
Electrical: 110 VAC 1-Phase 10 Amp Circuit
Interlock: Dry Contact (Low Volt) Standard
Operator Controls: Power (on/off), Stop, Jog, Start, Loader Speeds, Feed Speed
Physical: 53"L x 28.5"W x 33-36" H

F110E Series

The Walco Systems F110E features a simple and robust design capable of feeding a wide variety of products. Adjustable belts and separator provide an exceptional degree of setup precision. Sealed shaft locking collar bearings provide low maintenance costs, and friction belt change is a snap. A range of options are available, such as an acceleration table, and seamless integration with standard Walco Systems equipment.

Like all Walco Systems products, the Evolution series feeders are designed for the high capacity use demanded by today's commercial environment.

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Material Size: Min. 2"W x 4"L - Max. 11"W x 18"L
Material Thickness: 1.125" Max (Standard)
Electrical: 110 VAC 1-Phase 5 Amp Circuit
Interlock: Dry Contact (Low Volt) Standard
Physical: 18.1"L x 15.0W x 21.25"H


  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Variable Speed
  • Independently Adjustable Belts & Separator
  • Dual Durometer Separator
  • Adjustable Exposure Table
  • Simple Under 5 Min. Belt Replacement
  • Feeds Wide Variety of Products
  • High Capacity Feed Hopper
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Rotatable Separator
  • Sealed Shaft Locking Collar Bearings
  • Magnetic Rear Adjustable Roller Wedge


Articulating Acceleration Assembly

Creates separation between pieces before leaving the feeder.

Remote Speed POT

Feeder Speed control POT located on a Walco transports base, allows feeder speed control from the same location as transport base and conveyor speed.

Speed Following

Allows Walco Systems feeders to follow transports base belt speeds, using one speed control.